" Our mission is to make sustainable living easy and practical.  The 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption are our guiding force!"

—    M (Mangla) bansalTHE FOUNDER AND CEO

About Us



We are a group of passionate individuals ranging from administrative staff, video production crew, software developers and sustainability experts located all around the world lead by our CEO and founder M (Mangla) Bansal. It takes a village to create the content that our company provides - trust us when we say, we LOVE what we do!

Our promise is to continue to innovate and bring you new, informative, fun and inspiring content to our Sustainable Life App™ community and platform users regularly!


Sustainable Life App™ is a content-driven platform created for shoppers who share our values (5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption - Impact on Human Health, Environmental Impact, Respect for Human Rights, Respect for Animal Rights, Socio-Economic Advantage)! We showcase businesses and brands who provide sustainable options for socially conscious consumers.

We also consistently create new user-friendly content available through our website, mobile app, podcast show, documentary series, and our various social media channels.

Our aim is to work hard to enlighten and inspire consumers. We wish to reach a day in our existence when the environment and ALL living beings are treated with respect, love and kindess. We will then work towards maintaining this loving enlightened space. Seem like a tall order? Trust us when we say – it’s a more than worthwhile goal and we believe with all of our our beings that our collective human hard work will deliver.

Sustainable Consumption for us means: RETHINK (your choices), REFUSE (single use), REDUCE (consumption), REUSE (everything), REFURBISH (old stuff), REPAIR (before you replace), REPURPOSE (be creative and re-invent), RECYCLE (as a last option). 


Life has been guiding our founder M towards creating this company for many decades. The universe guided M to merge her passion for creating enlightening content (she was previously a journalist and lifestyle TV producer/director) with her love of shopping and of course her core values. Our app first launched as Shop with M™ in 2019 and was later rebranded to Sustainable Life App™ in 2020.

It has been said that the two most important days in any human’s life is: the day you were born and the day you find out why. Since launching this company, there has been no looking back for M - this is her life’s purpose! Her deepest wish is for every human being to find their purpose too! Our team wishes love and light to every soul in the Sustainable Life App community!


We are based in the beautiful Vancouver, BC Canada but we have team members and partners who work ALL around the world. Interested in joining our team? Email: [email protected] 


The 5 Factor’s for Sustainable Consumption™ (Impact on Human Health, Environmental Impact, Respect for Human Rights, Respect for Animal Rights, Socio-Economic Advantage) are our core values. Our entire team aspires to live in a world (hopefully soon) in which everything consumed is created and disposed of respecting the earth and ALL living beings! We will not stop until this becomes our reality!

Join our community today! We promise to work hard to keep you informed, engaged and inspired!

Message from Sustainable Life App™ Founder and CEO - M (Mangla) Bansal

M picture  

Thank you so much for using the Sustainable Life App™ platform! I created this business because my whole life, I've felt confused and many times, disheartened by the various "norms" of the world. 

Everyone has defining moments that shape their values - I'm no different.

When I was a kid, my family went to India on a vacation, where I saw and learned about child labour for the very first time. I was friends and played hide and seek with a child labourer who worked in my aunt's home. When the adults in the household saw we were becoming too close, it was explained to me that I was "different" from her and that we were not allowed to play together as much because she had to work. I asked why (I've always used my voice), but the adults around me had no explanation except "this is just the way it is". 

As I grew up, I became a human rights activist and represented many organizations during my high school years as a youth activist. My passion for media took priority over my activism though, and I became a documentary filmmaker, journalist and eventually a lifestyle television producer and director. I have worked in my field for over 15 years.

My life has had many ups and downs and as I've grown, I've come to realize everything that I value. The 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption™ are our platform's core values - each have their own story behind their importance.

For example, Factor #1 - Impact on Human Health was the last of the 5 factors to make the list. About 6 years ago, I completely lost my sense of smell. I went to many doctors and all they said was that "it's just allergies" and refused to send me to a specialist. After 5 years of not being able to smell, I decided that enough was enough! I went to my doctor (for what felt like the 20th time) and finally said (somewhat nicely) "I'm not leaving your office unless you make an appointment for me to see a specialist. Call the cops if you want, but I'm not leaving! This isn't just allergies!". Long story short - I was diagnosed with sinusitis and ended up needing a surgery pretty immediately becuase the disease was nearing my brain (didn't get there thakfully). And... *drum roll*... I can smell again! 

This experience is what got me thinking about EVERYTHING that I consume from a new lens. Sometimes we need a negative health jolt, so that we can re-asses our life patterns. Perhaps you can relate? I know I'm not the only one this has happened to.

Think about it though... literally... about every single thing you consume - what are the ingredients/chemicals used to create your clothes, shoes, cosmetics, personal care products, home cleaning products, car care, food, drink, dishware, etc.? And how are these said chemicals or ingredients being absorbed by your body, mind and soul? Remember your skin is your biggest organ and we can even injest chemicals from our cookware. What is the true impact of your consumption patterns? 

Consuming responsibly is essential - not just for our own health/well being, but also for the environment and ALL living beings - don't you think? I am not perfect in how I consume, but I am getting better each day. I am now doing my best to live and consume from a place of love - and not take from this earth but (hopefully someday soon) get to a place where I'm giving back. 

EVERY SINGLE THING that Sustainable Life App™ does and creates is with keeping our core values in mind. Our mission is to influence, encourage and inspire ethical manufacturing, sustainable consumption and to promote clean, non-toxic products + services that support a circular economy. 

I created this platform to take the hard work out of looking for sustainable and ethically made products. My company hires experts in each factor/category to do an analysis on all of the sustainable brands listed on our website. We also ask companies to self-evaluate themselves on each factor. 

Please note: Although an expert on my platform may think or feel a certian way about a listed brand and their products (respectfully of course), I want to stress to all users, to stay true to your own values!

For example, many animal rights experts and vegans may not use beeswax or any products made from animals/insects becuase it does not mesh with their own values or beliefs. I will give the example of beeswax - I love beeswax! I'm allergic to soy and I have ALWAYS loved candles - they relax me. Beeswax candles are honestly the only kind of candle that suit my life and consumption patterns. But I also want to stress, that I know where my beeswax comes from... literally down to the exact location and the beekeeper who creates the candles. I do the research (the purpose of my platform is to do the hard work for you ) - responsible beekeepers are the coolest BTW! 

I want to end this note by saying thank you for reading this letter. Since the age of 5, I have known that I was meant to work in media. But it wasn't until I was 32 years old, that I truly realized my life's purpose. Creating this platform has felt like nothing short of synchronicity at its finest! 

The Sustainable Life App™ team are all phenomenal individuals ranging from video crew, software developers, administrative folks and of course, sustainability experts. Our mission at Sustainable Life App is to make sustainable consumption easy in our technology driven ever-changing world. The 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption™ are our guiding force. 

I want to end this note by saying thank you for reading this letter. Since the age of 5, I have known that I was meant to work in media. But it wasn't until I was 32 years old, that I truly realized my life's purpose. Creating this platform has felt like nothing short of synchronicity at its finest! 

Love and light to you all!

M (Mangla) Bansal