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About the Company

Arilan Skincare focuses on hydration & gentle exfoliation. We offers dramatic results and are the rare product line that appeals to health nuts and skincare enthusiast alike. We're an excellent choice for all skin types & sensitive skin. All products are made cruelty free, formulated without any parabens and 100% vegan (verified by PETA & The Leaping Bunny). We make our products in an FDA registered facility.

How are we sustainable?

Created by celebrity esthetician Ronit Falevitch who has been featured on FOX-11 News, Good morning UK, Good day LA, Angelino, W Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter and more. Her diverse clientele includes actresses, models, philanthropists, agents, producers, supermoms, CEO’s and fashion designers. One thing all these diverse women have in common is: bright glowing clear hydrated youthfully-plump skin – at all ages.. The 22 years in the business, treating a wide range of skin types as acne, rosacea, pigmentation, sun damage, and aging skin - listening to her clients skin concerns leaded her to create her own products where she uses highly demanded ingredients as: coffee beans, Squalene, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba Seed Oi, Rose Hip oil, Quinoa Seed, Squalene oil - most hydrating natural ingredients she could find. Ronit Falevitch believes in gentle exfoliation and super hydration. In 2019 Ronit Falevitch launched her unique skin care brand Arilan Skincare. Previewed to handpicked beauty bloggers, they’re already giving testimonials to how it’s softened their skin; how much they love the velvety eye cream, how the products have no scent – and are perfect for sensitive skin. They found Arilan works as well for day, under your makeup, as it does at night. All Arllan products are paraben free, made in the U.S.A., cruelty free & vegan registered with the Leaping Bunny and with PETA.

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Ronit Falevitch Exclusive Skincare 90210 414 North Camden Drive #175 Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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Shipping & Packaging Details

Arilan Skincare ships using limited plastic. If you DM or email them asking for a zero-waste and plastic free shipping, we know that this brand will accommodate.

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We have viewed Arilan Skincare's list of ingredients and see nothing that causes concerns related to harmful toxins. We do however want to note that consumers using this product who have allergies to certain nuts oil etc need to do their full research on the ingredients in the product they are interested in prior to purchase. If you have any questions regarding the product, simply contact the brand directly or speak to a licensed medical professional who has experience dealing with allergies.
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Arilan Skincare is doing a fabulous job! We understand their current need to use acrylic for some of their product containers to make shipping more economical. They also use minimal plastic. We love that the company acknowledges this and already are looking into ways to improve.
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Based on the information that was provided to us and general industry knowledge we can see that Arilan Skincare manufacture their products in the USA and they of course abide by USA labour laws. We did not however receive any information about where the containers for their products are manufactured. We love that they contribute a percentage of their profits to charities around the world!
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This company is PETA & LEAPING BUNNY certified (verified by Sustainable Life App™ team). Their products are vegan and we love that they obtained certification from both agencies!
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We adore this brand! Supporting small upcoming brands at this stage is highly encouraged. During M's CEO/Founder interview with Ronit Flavevich (see youtube link on company profile page), Ronit shared why she created this skincare line and her story is truly inspiring! Her story also helps bring us comfort that the CEO comes from a place of care and integrity. Ronit has also stated that currently she only sells her product direct to consumers (she ships internationally). Her future goals are to sell to other salons and spas but only once she feels certain that the sources selling her product have full knowledge of its uses and benefits - we love that about her! Arilan Skincare is based in LA's 90210, so the CEO and company have created a product that is clean but also works with societal norms! We wish Arilan Skincare the best kind of socio-economic success!
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Company Self-Evaluation

Our products are paraben free. We use natural preservatives. It’s important for us to keep this standard because health is very important to us. Toxic ingredients penetrate into skin so it was important to us to follow the California toxicity standards.
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Our packaging are box free and paper free. Two products are in glass bottles and we are hoping to change the rest to glass as well very soon. We have room to improve because we still use acrylic but that is to make shipping costs more economical. We are looking for thinner glass.
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Our products can be safely used on all skin types and colours. We also donate a percentage of our profits to a variety of charities worldwide.
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We are cruelty free and vegan. We are NOT testing on animals and not using any animal byproducts. We will never support animal testing.
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We created our brand following the California toxicity standards. We are supporting society by helping eliminate toxic skin products. Our prices are very reasonable and we ship worldwide. Currently we only sell in stores in the USA.
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