8 Productivity Tips for Small Businesses Effected by Covid-19

29 Apr 2020 by M (Mangla) Bansal

Want to stay productive while your your business is waiting out the storm? Check out our productivity tips for small business owners! 

1. Apply For Financial Relief.

If your country or local provincial/state government is giving away any loans or grants... YOU NEED to become an expert and figure out everything about potential funding properties - fine print and all. This should be your main job. 

If there are any other sources of funding you applicable for (free social media advertising or other grants related to your industry)... use this time to learn EVERYTHING possible about them. 


2. Tackle Projects You Have Always Wanted To Do, But Never Had The Time For (until now).

Want to up your social media skills? 

How about finally organizing your dead inventory and planning a flash sale for when you reopen? 

Use this time - you may not get this again. Life is busy and winners don't just sit around and wait - they DO!


3. Think About New And Innovative Ways Of Earning Revenue.

Ever heard the saying that you need to change with the times?

Need to update your POS systems? Your website? Selling new types of products? Are you selling your products online yet? 

Use this time to brainstorm new ways that you could do things to remove unnecessary company overhead or improve the way your business functions as a whole. 


4. Prep Your Taxes.

The tac deadlines for most countries may be delayed but that doesn't mean you shouldn't spend your spare time getting all of your tedious paperwork done. 

Prep your taxes so that come tax time, you are spending you energy on getting your business back on track (and hopefully expanding it to new streams of income because you were smart enough to use this time to put your creative juices to use). 


5. Create A Vision Board For The Future.

Who are your dream team mates? Are they who you currently have employed or do you envision a different team? 

Is your current business even following your values? Do you want to get rid of single use plastic items? 

You may not be able to have all of your business dreams come true, BUT what if you figure out a wat to... AND have it be profitable?

Where there is a will, there is a way! 


6. Connect With Other Business Owners.