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Everyone has defining moments that shape their core values - I’m no different. My major defining moments are summed up below.
India: Child Labour
On a family vacation to India in 1996, I became good friends with a child labourer working in my aunt’s home. The adults in my family sat me down and told me that we couldn’t be friends and play anymore because she had to work and “wasn’t like me”. I repeatedly asked why (I’ve always used my voice), but the adults around me had no explanation except, “this is just the way the world is and you NEED to accept it”. I didn’t and I won’t. 
India: Milk Man and Sacred Cows
On that same trip, the milkman didn’t bring his usual amount of milk to my aunt's home one day. My aunt’s reaction surprised 8 year old me who thought she would be upset. She was concerned for the cows well being upon hearing she wasn’t doing well, calling her “Ghai Mata” (cow goddess in Hindi) and told the milkman she would pray for her to get better soon. Later that day, she took me to the local temple in their village. The milkman’s home was on the way and I met his beautiful cow. 
I am 90-95% vegan and consume mostly oat and hemp milk. Factory farming breaks my heart and so does seeing milk sold in plastic bags that have an additional negative effect on the environment.
Losing My Sense of Smell for 5 Years
Impact on Human Health is Factor #1 for this reason. I woke up one day and my sense of smell was 100% gone. My doctors kept ignoring my repeated requests for help, calling it “just allergies”. After 5 years of trying, I finally said to the doctor, “I’m not leaving your office unless you make an appointment for me to see a sinus specialist. Call the cops if you want, but I’m not leaving. This isn’t just allergies”. Long story short, I needed surgery  and was diagnosed with sinusitis, which I now know was developed because of inflammation in my body caused by environmental and consumer product effects.  I am happy to report that my sense of smell is back. 
I created Sustainable Life App™ because these defining moments inspired me to want to create change. Our company’s mission is to help make Sustainable Living Easy and Convenient for our app’s users via the 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption™
1. Impact on Human Health
2. Environmental Impact
3. Respect for Human Rights
4. Respect for Animal Rights
5. Socio-Economic Advantage
The Sustainable Life App team is family to me. The lead author of this report is Adeena Zahid (our Sustainable Consumption Research Analyst). I also want to give special mention to Kasey Bayne, whose marketing and PR support has helped us believe that everything that we envision for this report is possible. 
I want to end this note by thanking you for taking the time to read this report. We are a non judgmental community and simply want to help support our users towards creating a more sustainable lifestyle for themselves. This report is available for free on our app, website and major eBook platforms because our team’s hope is that the report serves as a valuable resource for you that ultimately has a positive ripple effect on your health, the earth and ALL living beings.
Love and light to you all!
M Bansal - CEO & Founder
Sustainable Life App