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The future of the planet, and its people, has the potential of being jeopardized by every choice made by each one of us, the consumers. Now, more than ever before, we need to focus on the effects of
the products we consume and their impact on our own health, the environment, and all living beings.
Through this report, Sustainable Life App aims to provide a thorough and objective assessment of the current sustainable consumption industry as it falls along our framework of 5 Factors for
Sustainable Consumption™. This report will walk you through the background and history, current state of affairs, and future actions for sustainable consumption as they pertain to the 5 Factors for
Sustainable Consumption™, listed as follows:

This report’s objective is to:

- Help inform any eco-conscious consumer, brand, business, or any person who is interested in learning about the sustainability market.

- Encourage the reader to be mindful of the impact of each consumption choice they make.

- Inspire consumers to make their choices count for the better.

With regards to our platform, Sustainable Life App's definitions are as follows:

    • - A sustainable brand is a company that manufactures products with transparency, keeping in line with Sustainable Life App's 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption™.

        • - A sustainable business is a brick-and-mortar style establishment that transparently sells products or services manufactured by brands in a manner that aligns around Sustainable Life App's 5 Factors
        • or Sustainable Consumption™.
  • - An eco-conscious consumer is a person whose consumption choices keep in line with an eco-conscious mindset as it relates to Sustainable Life App's 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption™.

The vulnerability of an unsustainable planet and consumption industry can be seen in the toll that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken. It is crucial for consumers themselves to be aware of the

environmental impact of the consumption choices they are making, and for there to be a platform that makes a sustainable lifestyle easy to achieve. We feel Sustainable Life App is the answer to this

market gap - a platform that seeks to revolutionize the consumer product market by connecting eco-conscious consumers to brands and businesses with sustainability values that aim to move the

planet towards a sustainable, productive, prosperous, and well-balanced future.

Our mission is to make Sustainable Living Easy and Convenient and to unite consumers, manufacturers, brands, and businesses so that sustainable consumption becomes our collective forever