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In the modern age of rapidly growing consumption, the effects of human choices on the planet are becoming increasingly obvious. Globalized consumers are becoming aware of the power of their consumer demand. In this age of information, where laws protect human right to information, and any question can be answered by simply typing it into a search engine, there remains no more excuses for not understanding one’s planetary footprint. 

Sustainability is now not simply a considerate form of consumption, but it is crucial to protect the planet and the rights of the people and animals inhabiting it. Sustainable Life App discerns both the need for sustainable consumption globally, but also the rising demand for sustainable products and practices by the mindful consumer. We have therefore built a framework of 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption which unite and connect consumers, businesses, and brands along the supply chain in their pursuit of a planet where sustainability is the new forever norm. These factors ensure that any brands listed on the app meets the following criteria:

1.   They are mindful of their impact on human health, ensuring that no item or its constituent ingredient harms human health in any adverse way.

2.   They make sure that at no point in the supply chain, does their product have a significant avoidable negative impact on the environment, which is at a crucial point of anthropogenic destruction at this point in time.

3.   Human rights and prosperity are respected and guaranteed along every step of the supply chain, from manufacturing to retail.

4.   Animal rights are also respected and guaranteed, which means, among other criteria, that the products are not tested on animals.


5.   The brand does no harm to the socio-economic integrity or any place or person at any point along the supply chain, especially when raw material is outsourced to countries with historical socio-economic destruction at the hands of the consumption industry. On the contrary, the brand or business takes effective actions to improve socio-economic prosperity around the globe.


Every brick-and-mortar business on the app is naturally hard to verify but there is a “Report this Listing” button programmed into every business listing. Consumers who use the app are asked to keep an open mind regarding every brick-and-mortar business. For example: Vegans may not agree with the inclusion of beekeepers who sell honey or beeswax or butchers who sell pasture raised meats. We ask all app users to keep a non-judgmental outlook and respect that everyone has their own unique blueprint of the world and core values with regards to sustainable consumption. If enough users do feel a business should not be on the platform for obvious and concerning reasons, the listing will be removed from the app by administrators.

Sustainable Life App’s mission is to reach a point in our existence in which sustainable consumption becomes the forever norm. Consumers must band together to demand sustainability and producers, brands and businesses must meet, and be held meet, and be held accountable to, those sustainability demands. Sustainable Life App is a revolutionary bridge connecting the two sectors to help assist the planet towards a sustainable future.