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Sustainable Life App is a platform aiming to make sustainable living easy and convenient for the eco-conscious consumers by connecting them with businesses in their area and verifying direct-to-consumer online around the world according to our 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption, with accountability. The app covers 10 sustainable industry sectors - retail shops/boutiques, cafes/restaurants, grocery/farms, salons/spas, hotels/eco-travel, event venues, eco-service providers, recycling/compost, local eco community, and online shopping.


Additionally, the map-based app connects consumers with daily sustainability facts and tips, as well as many more exciting features. Eco-conscious consumers can easily nominate sustainable businesses in their area to the app and the app is available for use worldwide to use at home and while you travel to live a life in-line with your core values.

Eco-conscious consumers can easily nominate businesses in their area to the app. This feature is available via the "Nominate a Business" button in the app or by visiting

Sustainable Life App aims to promote a future where sustainable consumption is the new forever norm and each person is doing their part to mitigate their negative impact and improve their positive impact on the Earth, its environment, its animals, and its people.