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We make sustainable living easy and convenient for you by connecting you with sustainable businesses and brands who share your values!


Our website features verified sustainable brands + encompasses all application forms for businesses and brands interested in being featured on the app! We also have a great "Add a Business" feature through which consumers can help populate the app in their area for free!

Our website also has a bunch of cool inspiring content such as our free eBook, podcast, documentary series, blog and so much more! But once you get the hang of the app... you'll of course come exploring for more!


Sustainable Life App is free for global use - available on Apple and Android!

Whether you’re located in Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, Toronto, Paris, London, India, Timbuktu or Madrid! Amazing, right? Use it at home and while your travel to support local businesses who share your core values (and get coupon codes to online shop with direct-to-consumer sustainable brands). 


Listen in as our founder M (experience TV/documentary director and producer) interviews experts and engaging humans around the world about topics related to the 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption™. It’s a great way to learn about various sustainability practices. Subscribe and tune in to get inspired regularly! Available on all major podcast platforms


Join our founder M on a global journey as she explores the impact of current-day consumption and how innovation + honouring our values could help create a more circular economy via ethical manufacturing and consuming sustainably in a way that honors your core values. 

The Shop with M™ online documentary series will be available for FREE shown in 7-parts: Introduction, a episode for each of the 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption™, and Conclusion. Each episode will be between 5-10 minutes to appeal to a social media audience.

Expected release date: Spring/Summer 2022. Click here to watch the trailer and episode sneak previews


Our team shares #SustainabilityFacts to help keep our social media followers feeling engaged, informed and inspired! We share all of our fact sources (only reliable organizations) limiting misinformation that spreads in this social media age that we live in. Our pages aren't all serious though - our aim is to make sustainable consumption fun! 

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Our aim is to create a fun and informative community to help make buying sustainable easy, practical and affordable. 

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