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Invito Coffee
About the Company

The owners of Invito Coffee - Yaro & Heather, -are adventurous coffee lovers and innovative thinkers who live by the philosophy that everyone deserves to experience a great cup of coffee—often. Bringing you the freshest coffee beans from our family farm in Costa Rica, to your doorstep in Canada. Roasted fresh to order locally in Vancouver, BC.

How are we sustainable?

My name is Yaro, and I am the founder of Invito Coffee. My family owns a coffee plantation in Costa Rica, and I am responsible for the quality of our coffee. I control the whole process from picking to fermentation to proper drying. My goal is to accentuate the unique flavours our coffee possess, through the best farming practices and modern technology. I started Invito Coffee, with my wife Heather, to be able to bring our hard work and accomplishments to our home in Vancouver, and showcase it to all Canadians. We decided to use 100% compostable packaging, to help tackle coffee packaging waste, and ensure we leave a better planet for our next generation. My name is Heather, and I am the co-founder of Invito Coffee. From fulfilling orders, to marketing, research, deliveries, being a mom and a full time OR Nurse, my role is to help the operation run as smoothly as possible. We started Invito Coffee because we both developed a deep passion for coffee, and through my husbands families coffee plantation, we wanted to share that passion with all Canadians. Our 100% compostable packaging is something we strongly believe in, as we are both vegan, and want to leave this world a better place.

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They have zero waste values. Their packaging and even shipping is 100% zero waste.

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We love this brand's commitment with not just staying zero waste, but also being sustainable all around. This is a family run business so keep in mind the coffee that they grow, they also consume. They are dedicated to using natural fertilizers and up-cycling the skin of the their coffee cherry's. What we want to stress is the coffee you buy is likely roasted within a month of your consuming it. Any acidic effects of "under roasted or moldy coffee" should not be a concern with this brand (we're not on-hand watching each batch be roasted but we most definitely trust Invito Coffee founder Yaro and his team who are all dedicated to producing and selling a sustainable quality product).
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The sheer dedication of this brand to be as zero waste as possible is beyond amazing. Their packaging is 100% home bin compostable AND they are constantly looking for ways to be EVEN BETTER. Their shipping methods are also very well thought out. Even the packaging for their sample coffee has a custom box that fits into a small mail slit to minimize environmental shipping costs and effect. The brand is also focussed on growth in Canada primarily (but they do ship to the USA too). If you read the brand's self evaluation, you will get a phenomenal sense of their integrity.
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This brand is fairly traded. They are not certified (it's a small startup and there are costs associated with certification so please bear that in mind), but the coffee is literally sourced from the family farm in Costa Rica to their office in Burnaby where it is small batch roasted. The brand is dedicated to paying their workers a higher salary and supporting the local Costa Rican economy. Human rights matter to this brand.
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This brand gave themselves a self evaluation of 3 but we feel they are a 5. They are respectful to animals, they use natural fertilizers on their farm and they are respectful of the local animals, birds, insects and beyond.
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They are a startup and their passion can be seen in everything that they do. We can't say enough great things about founders Yaro, Heather and their parents who manage the family farm in Costa Rica. By supporting this brand it is not just a #shoplocal situation, but you are also about supporting a business dedicated to sustainability and zero waste. They practice what they preach and do their best to serve a circular economy. You can find their products online (be sure to use the coupon code provided) and also various zero waste stores and coffee shops with sustainability values across Canada. Their store locator link can be found below. They are based in Vancouver, Canada and their growth strategy is to supply their beans to Canadians first and foremost. They small batch roast and producing a quality sustainable product is their primary focus. If you love coffee like us, our suggestion is to try their coffee. We love that we feel no acid reflex at all from it and the smoothness is on point.
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Company Self-Evaluation

What you put into your body is a direct result of how you are going to feel. Our coffee is grown without the use of toxic chemicals & partly shade grown amidst lush vegetation and natural micro biome. The trees are given extra vitamins and nutrients to stay strong and healthy and we use our cascara, the skin of the coffee cherry, as natural fertilizer and upcycling it back into nature. Our coffee is therefore healthy and produces amazing tasting coffee beans every season.
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At the farm level, we implement as many sustainable forms of production as possible. We have 2 large rivers that run through our property, and we use them to wash all our coffee. Our coffee then drys in the natural sunlight, reducing our carbon footprint even further. At the retail level, we have implemented 100% compostable packaging. Caring deeply for the environment and wanting to leave a better planet for our children, we have introduced one of Canada's first line's of fully compostable coffee bags! The compounds and films used to produce the bags comply with both American and European compost standards (EU 13432 and ASTM D6400) and are certified for both home and industrial composting.
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Our coffee is as direct trade as you can get, and therefore we don't have any middlemen. This allows us to implement efficient practices along our whole supply chain. From our coffee farm workers, to the cherry pickers, all are paid a higher wage and their kids must go to school and not pick coffee with their parents. We provide them superior housing to other coffee farms, and that attention and care results in happier, more prosperous lives.
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We don't have as a direct impact on animal rights as other companies, but our farm does provide a home to many species of birds, butterflies, and small mammals. They live harmoniously among each other, to give the farm a beautiful soundscape.
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At the farm level, paying our workers a higher wage allows them to send their kids to school, which is important for the next generation. A higher income results in a thriving community that can sustain local business, and provide a happier and more fulfilled life. At the retail level we are also supporting sustainable businesses by purchasing compostable packaging, supporting jobs, and placing our coffee into retail locations which support our local economy. This cycle and traceability allows our customers to know exactly the journey each coffee bean took.
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