Roamer Skincare

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100% natural zero waste skincare line that's kind to your skin AND the planet!

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This company uses all natural ingredients and does their best to source organic and local. The main reason why we are giving them a 5 is because they are constantly looking at ways to be even better.
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This skincare line rated themselves as a 4 but we feel they are a 5. Their shipping packaging blew our minds. They put SO MUCH thought into each and every thing they do. They even have a blog called Roamer Ramblers through which they show innovative ways to reuse the tins that their products come in. During our CEO/Founder interview with Rhi, she shared how one of her sourced ingredients came shipped with single use packaging which has since made her source out a different company who has just as good of a product but does not ship with that added environmental waste. We can't say enough great things about their integrity and truly honour their transparent business practices.
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Roamer Skincare is currently researching the companies who they source their ingredients from to make sure they too abide by all of the 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption. When brands like Roamer Skincare speak up and show suppliers that they won't purchase their products unless they too show full integrity and transparency, then our platforms belief is that we as consumers can rest easy supporting a company like Roamer Skincare.
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Their product is 100% vegan. They are not yet certified but honestly, certification appeals more when a brand is much larger and that certification can only speak to animal rights concerns and not the rest of the 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption. Roamer Skincare is currently researching the companies who they source their ingredients from to make sure they too abide by all of the 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption - we love them for this.
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The passion for zero waste living seeps out of everything that this company does. They put great thought and care into everything they source, make and ship - a true representation of a product that serves a circular economy. Creating an amazing product is one thing, they are now in a place in which they need all of our support to grow! We encourage you to use the coupon code provided and buy this product! They also make great holiday and birthday gifts!
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Company Self-Evaluation

Our skincare products have no added preservatives. All ingredients are super kind to the skin which makes the products suitable for everyone. We encourage customers to check out the ingredient list if they do have known sensitivities to certain ingredients.
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Our products are zero waste. We highly encourage our customers to re-use the tins the products come in (#ReuseRoamer) or at the very least recycle them. There is no plastic packaging - all labelling is compostable by Pure Labels and we mail out our products in compostable bubble mailers from Grounded Packaging. We are hoping to improve through by how and who we source our ingredients through - we have found that some of our ingredients we ordered have come to us in plastic packaging, we're looking to try to remove this completely (that's the dream!).
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Our products are created for absolutely everyone! All the work of creating the products, shipping and all things business is passionately done all by the creator of Roamer Skincare. We're looking to improve by sourcing our ingredients with companies who clearly demonstrate they respect human rights in terms of being transparent of the working conditions and how they source the ingredients which we use.
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100% NO animal testing! All products are cruelty free and vegan too!
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Roamer Skincare was created to help people reduce their plastic footprint on skincare products which are used everyday. The products are reasonably priced and we happily ship worldwide in compostable bubble mailers.
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Roamer Skincare

Since 2018, Rhi has been experimenting with her own skincare recipes and hasn't looked back! Frustrated with how many 'eco friendly' skincare brands were still using plastic packaging for their products, Rhi believed there weren't enough choices for people who were looking to reduce their plastic footprint without compromising on the quality of products they choose. Fast forward to 2020 and it was this mix of her passion for natural skincare and frustration of the copious amounts of plastic packaging which sparked the idea of Roamer Skincare. Rhi figured if her skin was loving what she was creating AND she was also reducing how much plastic she was using, then why not try to make a positive impact and share it with everyone else too?!


Coming soon: The product just launched November 1, 2020 and is not yet available in retail stores

This company ships their products in home compostable packaging and puts a lot of thought and care in EVERY SINGLE THING they do. They are not concerned with expanding their products, but simply want to do their level best with what they create. The Founder of Roamer Skincare, Rhi likes to source ingredients that don't ship to her using single use plastic. She thinks about every component and tries to work towards being better. When faced with a challenge, the founder asks herself, "What would David Attenborough do?".