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The Market Bags
About the Company

The Market Bags was established with a single vision in mind; eliminating single-use plastic bags. Our Canadian-made reusable bags represent a small step towards a better tomorrow with a positive impact on our environment. We want to ensure future generations have a healthy and beautiful planet to experience, and because of this we've made it our mission to replace those pesky tear-off-the-roll plastic bags in grocery stores with reusable bags.

How are we sustainable?

Using upcycled or sustainable and organic materials, we've created a line of truly eco-friendly reusable bags. Our upcycled fabric collection is keeping textiles out of the landfills, giving them a second chance at life. We create our bags with patterns that eliminate fabric waste - essentially using up every bit of fabric that we have. All of our products are made locally by a team of wonderful sewists in Kelowna, BC.

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Shipping & Packaging Details

All of our products are shipping in a certified home compostable mailer. Orders over a certain size will be shipped in a recycled cardboard box sealed with kraft tape. Any orders requiring additional filling will be filled with repurposed paper. Our product packaging is a simple hang tag printed on 100% recycled fibre cardstock attached with a small metal pin.

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Company Self-Evaluation

We've created a product that eliminates the need for single use plastic bags - eliminating potential plastic contamination in food, keeping excess plastic out of the landfills which contributes to climate change and is linked to human health
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Less plastic waste in landfills = cleaner air Our planet is suffering severely from the consequences of human action. We're motivating individuals to start using what the have, reusable and refillable products and avoid single use plastics. The Market Bags are created with upcycled fabrics and GOTS certified organic cotton. The upcycled fabrics are saved from ending up in landfills and given a second chance at life. Our organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, helping keep the soil fertile for future crops.
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Having our products made in Canada is a big part of our brand. We pay our sewists a fair living wage. Working with contract workers allows for them to work at their own pace in the comfort of their own home.
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We encourage individuals to live a sustainable lifestyle and in doing so, we recommend a local and plant based life style. Our products do not and will not ever contain any animal products/by-products.
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The Market Bags donates 1% of all sales to a sustainable nourishment program through the Mamas for Mamas charity. Ensuring that everyone has access to healthy and nourishing foods is a huge part of our brand identity and values.
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